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Transformative sessions

Organisational Transformations

In today’s world, with its seemingly relentless flow of disruptive events, many foundations are being shaken up and challenged.

As a result, more and more organisations are feeling the need to conduct their business differently in order to stay relevant, attract the right people and fulfill a meaningful purpose in society.

At UPLIFT, we aim to support you on this journey of renewal, growth, and expansion. Our consultancy approach focuses on stimulating your thought process by providing insights into new and alternative ways of working. We offer a range of activities, including training, coaching, and workshops, each designed to support your organisation’s development in a unique way. Our goal is to give your company an extra dimension of robustness to face uncertainties with more confidence and trust.

Typical assignments

in which UPLIFT can support you

Organisational changes

  • Establishing or changing a leadership culture in your organisation
  • Launching a cultural change
  • Clarification of the vision and translating this into an actionable strategy
  • Creating a value (and sustainable) selling environment in the sales department

Behavioural trainings

  • Leadership essentials
  • Leading and dealing with change
  • Communication and collaboration techniques
  • Developing a value selling attitude
  • Collaborating in a multi-cultural context

Individual & group coaching

  • Team coaching
  • Executive coaching
  • Leadership retreats
  • Career coaching
  • Work life balance coaching

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