Spring naar de inhoud
compass for direction


Your inner compass is your innate sense of intuition and wisdom, the voice within that knows what’s right for you.

UPLIFT Inspiration

The essence of all forms of individual coaching sessions is to support you in re-establishing your inner space of emotional well-being and alignment. By trusting your inner compass and cementing this connection, you are more likely to make choices that align with who you truly are.

The coaching programs are available for both individuals and organisations.

It is also possible to attend to one of our transformative retreats, for a life changing coaching experience.


In general, a typical coaching journey starts with an intake session, followed by an exploration and a concretisation phase. You have the option to step out (or in) at any time. As every coaching session is unique, the number of sessions largely depend on your individual needs. Your need can be related to one or several of the coaching programs explained below. This means we can also discuss the set-up of a combined program.

All coaching sessions can take place face-to-face or online in both Dutch and English.

Personal (life) coaching

In a typical personal coaching session, we define together the steps you can take to more (inner) freedom, peace of mind and living to your fullest potential. We explore practical ways to, in your daily life, tap into a sense of calm and tranquility more easily.

Please find here some typical coaching examples:

  • Discovering ways to create more space and feeding your inner life
  • Looking at ways to dissolve possible self-limiting beliefs and thoughts
  • Unravelling feelings of stagnation and turning these feelings around
  • Discovering elements in your life which give you (more) peace of mind

Career coaching

The fast-paced world of today offers both opportunities and challenges, which can affect your personal ambitions and dreams.

In these coaching sessions, we work together on:

  • Bringing more awareness to what it is that really excites you
  • Helping you to realise what is within you and how to bring it out
  • Encouraging/ drawing/making possible trust and allowing to surface so the path can unfold naturally
  • Defining concrete supporting exercises and steps to help realising your goals and ambitions

Work life balance coaching

As the pressures of modern life continue to take a toll on our well-being, it becomes increasingly important to find ways to balance the space for work and our personal lives. Uplift supports you to discover ways to creating more space and feeding your inner life. In these coaching sessions, we work together on:

  • Defining the real priorities ‘to get the job done’ week in week out
  • Exploring potential sources of energy loss and what you can do to step back into your power
  • Responding (verbally & non verbally) to challenges in life and at work with more confidence and ease
  • Setting clear boundaries and saying ‘no’ more easily

Executive coaching

An ‘out of the box’ coaching experience can help to re-discover your true vision, values and ways of working as a leader. These coaching sessions provide you support on practical on the job challenges as well as more abstract questions.

Please find here some examples for which executives approached me:

  • Understanding my own leadership style and behaviour and how to come across as a trustworthy and authentic leader
  • Finding a better balance in ‘time for executing my tasks’ as leader and ‘being there for my staff’ on a daily basis
  • Getting a clear grip on the vision I want to carry out as a leader and translating this into a strategic roadmap

Team coaching

Our team coaching program focuses on enhancing communication, collaboration, and trust within teams. To strengthen team cohesion we help you to identify:

  • Shared goals and alignment on strategy and performance
  • Strengths and challenges in team collaboration
  • Levers and barriers of trust and transparency
  • Our current and desired leadership style and behaviourily
  • What is expected when driving an organisational transformations

“Harm’s training and coaching provided me with extremely useful ’tools’ to respond to the many challenges in team management. Thanks to the many cases, I learned to approach problems differently and view from a different perspective when working with very diverse people.”

Maggy Peeters

Director of Communication

“He understands the complexity of any business environment and detects a company’s needs straightaway. He stands out in the needs analysis due to his critical thinking and had lots of experience in it.”

Carl Jacobs

Training & Development Manager EMEA, Abbott