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living in alignment with your truth

Welcome to UPLIFT

A company founded in January 2022 with the mission to inspire individuals and organisations to live to their fullest potential.

UPLIFT is committed to uplifting and inspiring people on their path of self-discovery and personal growth. UPLIFT offers a variety of services, ranging from personalised one-on-one coaching, to in-company assignments, transformative retreats and inspiring workshops. The goal is to support you in the realisation of the desired changes in your life or organisation and to help you unlock your potential.

We do this by providing inspiration, direction and support along the way, enabling you to take these steps with more confidence and trust.

The approach is centered around the essential themes of reconnecting to one’s authentic self and rediscovering a profound sense of faith and alignment. These themes are meaningful for both individuals and organisations facing dilemmas or challenges.

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Our Services

Check the services we focus on below


The essence of all forms of individual and team coaching sessions is to support you in re-establishing your inner space of emotional well-being and alignment

Organisational transformations

Helping you to conduct business in a different way, to stay relevant, attract the right people and fulfil a meaningful purpose in society

Events & Retreats

Our retreats & events provide a peaceful escape from the chaos of everyday life, allowing you to nourish the inner life and focus on personal growth

Behavioural trainings

Our training programs are designed and tailored to support the desired behavioural development or transformation in your organisation